Rebecca Hall prefers countryside living with her husband Morgan Spector

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Rebecca Hall and Morgan Spector: A perfect family!

Rebecca Hall, a British actress-director, and Morgan Spector, an American actor; got married in 2015. Both are happily married with one child. 

Rebecca has recently recently led the Sci-fi sequel Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire. This film is considered one of the most awaited films of 2024. This movie has been recognized globally. It is consequently a hit in the global market.

Recently, Rebecca made a statement in public, “That we live in a countryside away from everything, As very rural situation… We are pretty quiet people.” 

She continues, ” But… I think that as a result, when we go out… When we do get opportunities to go out and do it, we both enjoy that and we have fun with that.”

“It’s really fun to go to that stuff when you don’t have a movie that has anything to do with any of the races because you just see a lot of friends and you get to celebrate the industry,” says Rebecca.

“I like to live pretty quietly, but I also don’t like just to do that,” says Hall. “I like to have the option to then dip into a lot of culture in the city, and we live close enough that we can do that and just go and be out and see friends and do that for a while.”

“I have my fill of that, and then I’m like, ‘Right, back into hibernation!’ ” she adds.

Rebecca admits that her chosen career choice is ‘both a blessing and a curse’ when it comes to spending time with the family.

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Family and Work-life Balance

Rebecca Hall is an actress known for her Golden Globe-nominated performance in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She has also starred in ‘The Town’, ‘The Iron Man’, ‘Godzilla X Kong’, and many more. Rebecca is the daughter of the late Royal Shakespeare Company founder Sir Peter Hall. Her mother was the late opera singer Maria Ewing.

Morgan Spector is an American actor, director, and producer. He is popularly known for his roles in The Plot Against America, Homeland, and Broadway Empire. 

Rebecca Hall and Morgan Spector met each other during the rehearsals for the 2014 Broadway revival of Sophie Tradwell’s “Machinal”. After some months, later when the play closed, they began dating. After a year of relationship, they got married to each other. 

Rebecca wrote and directed the critically acclaimed 2021 film Passing. The movie was released on Netflix. The film starred Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga. 

In the year 2022, Morgan wrote a heartful message to AMPAS voters about wife Rebecca’s film, “It was her private vision, nurtured over many years and brought to fulfillment despite countless rejections.” 

He wrote on Instagram, “Obviously I am biased, but I think this spare, unsentimental, closely observed, and simply gorgeous film is going to be part of the story of this era in cinema. Vote Rebecca!”

Morgan and Rebecca have one child together. Rebecca gave birth to a baby girl in 2018. Both of them keep their daughter out of the public eye.

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 13: (L-R) Morgan Spector and Rebecca Hall attend the Gabriela Hearst fashion show during New York Fashion Week on February 13, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)