Secret to Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson’s Long-lasting Marriage

The ‘Elsbeth’ Michael Emmerson tells about the ways she and Emerson keep their near-three-decade marriage “fresh.”

Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson go by a simple mantra in their near-three-decade marriage.

As prominent working actors, both Preston and Michael Emerson, understand how the long hours they spend on set can keep them away from each other for extended periods of time.

Despite their busy schedules and hectic lives as television stars,. The couple has been married for 25 years, going on 26 years. And Michael Emmerson tells people the mantra that’s kept their hearts warm after all these years.

“We have to, because of work, spend a lot of time apart,” explains the actress. Who stars as the titular character in Elsbeth, CBS’ latest spinoff of The Good Wife. “I think he and I, maybe more than some other couples who are together all the time, really appreciate the time that we do have together.

“Noting how the distance” keeps things fresh” in her relationship with the Lost alum, she adds,

“I do think there is something to the old adage, ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ I really do think that is true.”

Preston says that she and Michael Emerson “try not to take for granted any time that we are given to be together,”

Knowing that there may be a “long stretch” of time before they’re able to see each other again. That’s when the couple is finally able to reunite. The actress shares how they’re able to keep their spark alive in their relationship.

Preston recollects how Michael Emerson surprised her with a bouquet of her favorite stargazer lilies. After considering how “hard” she’s been working on. The project and how much she’s “invested” in the success of her new “dream job.”

“He knows I’ve been working these long hours. I came home the other day, and there were the lilies, these gorgeous bouquets of stargazers sitting on the table,” she says. “It’s little things like that.”

“I came downstairs after waking up, and he made French toast and had blueberries, and he’s heated up the syrup. That kind of thing is the kind of thing that we like to do to surprise each other. It’s the small gestures,” Preston smiles. “We both have our romantic sides, for sure.”