Jennie Garth’s Unveils Love Invoices and Unbreakable Bonds

The Beverly Hills Jennie Garth star revealed on her Instagram Story that Abrams had written her a hilarious “invoice” for doing chores. Which revealed what he would be charging her.

She posted a photo of the note, which is titled “Invoice,” and said that the actor was “going golfing at 1-4:45” and he would “be home around 5.” He also noted that it would “cost” a “have fun; I love you.” Abrams then signed his name at the bottom.

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“My husband invoiced me for doing work around the house,” Jennie Garth writes with a laughing and crying emoji.

Jennie Garth’s husband, Dave Abrams, has made several cute appearances on her Instagram page in recent months. Last year, in October, she shared several photographs of him as part of a carousel of images. In the caption, she writes, “Just a Kelly Taylor Barbie doll and some other pics from my roll lately.”

In one shot, which the actress captioned “football nights at home,” Abrams looks relaxed on a couch. In the picture, the couple’s dog is snuggled into a fluffy blanket nearby.

In another story, her husband leaned back on a chair on an outdoor deck. Garth described the picture in her caption as “a much-needed day away.”

Jennie Garth exclusively tells people on Friday at the Los Angeles Mission Easter event that she’ll always support Beverly Hills. 90210 costar. Soon after Spelling, she filed for divorce from Dean McDermott.

“I’ve always stood beside her, behind her, and supported her, and I will always continue to do that,”Garth says.

We bonded, and forged a really strong, unique friendship at such a young age,” Garth says,

“That kind of bond doesn’t ever go away. You know, it’s kind of unbreakable.”

Last year, the actresses told PEOPLE that their friendship is more like a sisterhood.

“We’re different people so of course we’re going to see things differently from time to time,” Jennie Garth said in January 2023.

“But we look out for each other, and we love each other.”