Lafayette Police Officer Shot and Killed a Man Accused of Ramming a Police Car

A Lafayette police officer has shot and killed a man who allegedly attempted to ram a police car multiple times.

The incident occurred near the intersection of South College Road and Bacque Crescent Drive, according to Lafayette police officials, who initially responded to a domestic disturbance call just before midnight.

According to police, an unknown assailant crashed into several police vehicles before fleeing the scene. Moments later, he was found at the scene of the accident, which also caused damage to other police vehicles, and in which a police dog was pinned between two cars.

According to L.A. police, the man displayed a deadly weapon and was shot. The Lafayette Parish sheriff’s office has taken charge of the investigation.

If you have any information regarding this shooting, please call the Lafayette police department at (232) 377-6300 or Lafayette crime Stoppers at (232) 376-TIPS.