Klay Thompson went scoreless in Tuesday’s match

Sacramento Kings won against Golden State Warriors by 118-94 and successfully secured a place in NBA play-offs 2024.

Keegan Murray scored 32 points, and De’ Aaron Fox added 24 points which made the Sacramento Kings win against the Golden State Warriors. Despite being a strong team with incredible players, the Golden Warriors meet with failure. Consequently, the Golden State Warriors are eliminated from the 2024 NBA playoff contention.

It is a huge shock as well as an immense disappointment for GSW’s fans. Everybody is especially talking about Klay Thompson’s poor performance in the match. This match is said to be Klay’s worst match with 4 rebounds, 1 assist, and 0 points. Klay Thompson’s and Golden State Warriors fans are currently in immense disbelief and disappointment over the team’s failure in the match.

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Klay Thompson went scoreless for the first time after his rookie season.

Klay Thompson has been a major part of the franchise that won four championships and made six trips to finals. Apart from Klay’s incredible basketball career and several unforgettable games and marvelous shots; Tuesday night’s game was a complete disaster.

Thompson has given tons of memorable moments in the history of the Golden State Warriors as Steph Curry’s Splash Brother. In his 13-year basketball dynasty, Klay Thompson has made a significant existence. He has made a special place in the hearts of basketball hearties.

After holding a 60-point career-high and being popularly known as one of the greatest three-point shooters, this performance in the NBA play-in tournament finale was unexpected for all. At such a big moment, missing all 10 shots he took during the game was a huge loss for the team. Thompson went scoreless for the first time since his rookie season. Thompson slowly walked off the court with a blank stare; as Tuesday night’s game was his last game before an uncertain summer of free agency.

Klay Thompson didn’t talk to the media after the game but it is expected that he will talk to media on Wednesday as the team heads home for an uncertain summer.

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“We want him back…” – Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr met with the media after the GSW vs SAC match. He is the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. He added, “Tonight was tough to see him (Klay) struggle…” And “We want him back… He still got the good years left and I know I speak for everybody in the organization. We want him back….. We desperately want him back…”

Steph Curry has also shown support to Klay Thompson in media meeting. “I can never see myself not with those two guys,” Curry said. “I understand this league changes and there’s so many things that go into it and we’re not going to play forever. But we experienced so much together. At the end of the day, I know they want to win and I know I want to win and that’s all I worry about.”

Referring to Steve Kerr’s and Steph Curry’s statement; it is clear that all the team members and the organization are with Klay Thompson and expect him to see in the future games playing as a member of the GSW team.

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