Chyler Leigh, Falls In Love Again

The Way Home” actress Chyler Leigh, reveals, that she predicted her husband would be the one, she’d marry. On the day they met, was the most charismatic, she expressed.

The actress Chyler Leigh, said she met Nathan West, her husband of nearly 22 years, during an audition for a WB pilot.

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Chyler Leigh narrates their first cute meet

“I came around the corner and he’s just kind of chilling on the ground,” she shared. “I was like, ‘That’s the guy I’m gonna marry.”

“And we get right to the end of the scene and he’s like, ‘Do you want me to kiss her? Should I kiss her?’ I’m sitting here going, ‘Oh my God, this is embarrassing.’ And the show executives are here like you just do whatever naturally happens. And we’re like, ‘Okay.’ she shared a memory of them, during the meet (audition) where it led to a kissing scene.

“The actress said they made it through multiple audition rounds together because their chemistry was “pretty good. By the time they made it to the final round of auditions in front of more than two dozen executives from the network, West decided it was time to go in for the kiss,”

“We still hadn’t kissed yet,” Chyler Leigh said, to which Ripa responded (interviewer) “Oh my God, and now the anticipation…” dramatically explains the situation.

The actress, in “Grey’s Anatomy Alum,” Chyler Leigh says they eventually got the kiss part in the script and no one in the room was “stopping us,” so he decided to “go for it.”

“And he kisses me, and I got so flustered that I was going to try to use the door as like.’ ‘Oh creative actor moment.’ I hit my face with the door.” she recalled with a laugh.

“At the time he lived in California. I lived in Miami, so it was like, ‘I might not see you again.’ So that incentive was there,” she continues to narrate the events.

“I did it. I just stumbled out and I was like, ‘Oh God, I’m never working in this town again,’ ” she ended with a joke.

when did they get married?

Leigh and West tied the knot in July 2002. They went on to have three children. Two daughters Taelyn Leigh and Anniston Kae, and son Noah Wilde. The couple is set to celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary later this year.

Chyler Leigh was born in 1982 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Chyler married to actor Nathan West and has three children. She made her television debut at 15 and gained recognition for her role as Janey Briggs.