Leonardo DiCaprio, Creates Engagement Suspense

At the age of 49, Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be engaged to an Italian model, Vittoria Ceretti. She also happens to be a Vogue model.

The model was seen in Los Angeles on Tuesday, having lunch with Leonardo DiCaprio. All the while flaunting her ring in the captured picture. The ring Isa a big diamond cut, which catches the attention of the media. Leonardo DiCaprio is seen with a casual cover-up with just in t-shirt and shorts.

Although the couple shared a cute PDA moment, where he is seen feeding her. In another moment, Vittoria is seen side-hugging Leonardo DiCaprio.

When Did Leonardo DiCaprio started dating?

They started Catching the attention of the fans a year ago. Both ate seen, doing cute couple stuff. They even spend holidays with each other families now. They were seen kissing in a club in Ibiza

Last September, it was confirmed that the relationship is quite serious on both ends.

Image Source: Golden Globe Awards

Did They break up?

Although, a while ago, rumors were spread in the air about their supposed breakup. When DiCaprio was seen flirting with a nameless actress. But seeing them having lunch together, that is not the case.

“They’ve been spending quite a bit of time together over the past few months, and they’re enjoying getting to know one another on a deeper level,” an insider told the publication (page six) at the time.

Ceretti had already met DiCaprio’s mother, Irmelin Indenbirken. The trio was sighted visiting a museum in Milan in September last year. The Titanic has visited Italy, France, Spain, and the US alongside Ceretti.

DiCaprio previously dated Camila Morrone for four years before splitting up with Hadid in August 2022. Shortly after her 25th birthday. Notably, Ceretti was previously married to Italian DJ Matteo Milleri for three years before their divorce in June of this year.

Leonardo DiCaprio can be seen in the next film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.