Lousia Harland A New Face

Lousia Harland talks about her new role in the Disney+ Hotstar series.

For her first TV lead, Lousia Harland plays a superpowered 18th-century highwaywoman in Renegade Nell, a Disney+ series written by Happy Valley’s Sally Wainwright that starts next weekend.

Image Source: Irish Independent

Lousia Harland talks about her experience in the upcoming series

Excitedly Lousia Harland shares her views,

Nell is different from Sally’s other characters. There are magical elements, but it’s still quintessentially Sally. She writes real people so well, flawed, funny, and raw characters you can relate to.

“She didn’t have to pitch it to me. Sally Wainwright and Disney combined… it’s everything we never knew we needed.

“I love this world, with its magic, fantasy, and epic fight sequences. I also love the idea that the whole family can watch it.“Sally is so great at writing truthful characters and relationships, and she’s great at writing for women” The Irish actor says.

Lousia Harland Shares an emotional connection with the character

She then further talks about her emotional connection with the character. There isn’t quite like it, she said. I almost instantly understood and empathized with her, Louisa Harland shares.

“I don’t know anybody quite like Nell. She is the most feared highwaywoman in the country but doesn’t know her true destiny until she meets a magical spirit.

“She goes looking for trouble because she wants more from her life. Her story is quite genderless — Sally was determined not to be romantically driven. She also dresses androgynously.

“It is refreshing to see a strong, funny, flawed woman portrayed on screen and, I think, a fabulous sign of our times.”

Her Stunt Struggles

She further shares about her action scenes and mentions the role of Joely

“I did a lot of stunts, but whenever you see me doing something incredibly cool, like falling off a carriage without blinking, that was my stunt double Melissa Humler. She is an unbelievable woman.”

The actress admitted she had “massive impostor syndrome” after being cast in the lead role and learning she would be appearing alongside big names such as Joely Richardson, who appears as a media baron.

“Joely plays a Rupert Murdoch-type character who represents extreme wealth and privilege,”

The cast experience

“The cast is sensational, and I feel almost embarrassed to be heading up this very talented ship”

“Nell’s fearless and gender-nonconforming too. She has a plucky little imp, Billy Blind (Nick Mohammed), who in Disney terms is a sort of Tinker Bell.

He gives her super-strength, and she can beat up an army of men. Which is useful while on the run, but she feels like she’s invincible and starts behaving like it too.”

Derry Girls reunion?

Lousia Harland is famous for her role in the Sitcom Derry Girls. She looked very pleased sitting about her past role and the huge success that the shoe made.

She said, “I’m so pleased it traveled so far. There are so many jokes that even I missed. It’s a testament to Lisa McGee’s incredible writing. I’m her biggest fan.

“I’d love a Bridgerton crossover with Nicola, Coughlan. Though it’s funny, I was on C4’s Big Boys and they wouldn’t let me and Dylan Llewellyn be in the same frame.”

Louisa said she would be very happy for a Derry Girls reunion if Lisa McGee was.