Justin Theroux Love Saga

Justin Theroux is seen with his rumored girlfriend. Read more to find out more about his girlfriend.

Justin Theroux and Nichole Bydon Bloom were first spotted together in February 2023. The superstar of the “Leftover” Justin Theoroux is all mushy and blushing with his girlfriend. Who has 23 23-year age gap, which faced much criticism both separately and together?

When did Justin Theoroux confirm their relationship

On the side, they both seem to be in love. They were first spotted in February 2023, before they confirmed it. In March 2024, the pair made their red carpet debut at Vanity Fair’s annual Oscars party seemingly confirming their relationship.

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Who is Nichole Brydon Bloom?

Nichole is an American actress who appeared as Caroline Stuyvesant in season 2 of The Gilded Age. She’s also appeared in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and 1BR.

Nichole Bloom graduated from Elon University in 2017, with a degree in acting. She originally entered college as a journalism major and later changed her mind. After she saw an Elon production which gave her a push toward her acting career.

“They were so encouraging of me to take risks as an actor. In auditions it is really easy to fall into, ‘What do I think casting directors are looking for and how do I fit into that.’ And that can be very limiting,” she said. “Elon was so good about emphasizing finding a way to make the character you, instead of what you think it should be.” She said in an interview.

In the light of her recent role as Caroline in season 2 of Glided Age, she shares her experience,

“I loved Downton Abbey and Julian Fellowes’ work. I was still in college when I heard the rumors that he was making a new show like the ‘New York version of Downton Abbey,’ ” she said. “I emailed my agent, and I was like I have to be in this. I told my agent, ‘If this comes up, I would love the opportunity to.”

It was a dream come true, she says.

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How does Justin Theroux take on relationships?

There’s something to, once you’re out of that, where I want all of my relationships to exist within the four walls of whatever room we’re in,” the actor told Esquire in May 2023. “Having been in a public relationship, it’s much more fun not being in a public relationship.”

In December 2023, Theroux with his dog accompanied Nichole to her twin sister’s wedding in N.Y.C. She later posted a mirror selfie with Theroux from the festivities, which marked their Instagram debut as a couple.