Where Is Cove, Oregon?

What is there to do in Cove Oregon?

Things to do in Cove

  • Enjoy an edible experience at Cove Drive In.
  • Get ready for an adventure at The Landing Hotel & Dining.
  • Hang out in the lobby at Grande Hot Springs RV Resort.
  • Indulge your taste buds at Steakhouse At Cove.
  • Experience pure gastronomic bliss at Mamacita’s International Grill.

What county is Cove Oregon in?

How did Cove Oregon get its name?

During 1862 many settlers moved into the community, which was then called Forest Cove. A more traditional post office was soon formed in Forest Cove but in 1868 the post office department ruled that the name too closely resembled Forest Grove and after much local protest Cove assumed its present name.

What does a cove look like?

Coves usually have narrow, restricted entrances, are often circular or oval, and are often situated within a larger bay. Small, narrow, sheltered bays, inlets, creeks, or recesses in a coast are often considered coves. Colloquially, the term can be used to describe a sheltered bay.

What’s the elevation of La Grande Oregon?

The Round Top Fire, located about 10 miles northwest of Shady Cove, is estimated at 23 acres and is fully lined. The Buck Rock Fire, roughly 5 miles north of Trail, is fully lined at 17 acres. Crews are still working on full containment for the two fires.

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Is Shady Cove Oregon Safe?

The rate of crime in Shady Cove is 57.13 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Shady Cove generally consider the northwest part of the city to be the safest.

What level is Shady Cove Oregon?

At an elevation of 1,401 feet, Shady Cove is located approximately 20 miles from Medford, Oregon, the seat of Jackson County, and regional center.

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