What To Do In Portland Oregon In December?

What is there to do in Oregon in December?

10 Best Places to Visit in Oregon in Winter

  1. Mount Hood. Sunrise on Mount Hood in winter.
  2. Oregon Coast. Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach on a clear winter day.
  3. Bend. Smith Rock State Park in winter, near Bend.
  4. Crater Lake National Park.
  5. Portland.
  6. Mt.
  7. Medford & Ashland.
  8. Wallowa Mountains.

Is Portland Nice in December?

Is December a good time to visit Portland? Yes, December is a great time to visit Portland! Cooler temperatures provide the perfect excuse to do as locals do and indulge in Portland’s legendary culinary scene. Or, take advantage of tax-free holiday shopping throughout the city.

What is there to do in Portland Oregon in the winter?

Things to do in Portland During the Winter

  • Go On A Food Tour.
  • Go to a Museum.
  • Go on a Bar Crawl.
  • Visit Powell’s City of Books.
  • Visit the Lan Su Chinese Garden and Explore Chinatown.
  • Explore the Street Art.
  • Go on A Coffee and Donuts Crawl.
  • Go Shopping!
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What is there to do in Portland over Christmas?

Portland Christmas Guide 2020

  • ZooLights. Don’t miss this magical sight: zoo animals frolicking in the form of a million holiday lights.
  • Christmas Revels Show.
  • America’s Largest Christmas Bazaar.
  • Holiday Food & Gift Festival.
  • Christmas Festival of Lights.
  • Ho Ho 5K.
  • Crafty Wonderland Holiday Art + Craft Market.
  • Winter Wonderland.

Is December a good time to visit Oregon?

Winter (December through February ) Weather is too cold this time of year in Oregon to be enjoyable for warm weather travelers. The average high during this season is between 51.9°F (11.1°C) and 43.4°F (6.3°C).

Are Oregon beaches cold?

While there is no real official stand on this by Oregon tourism or state authorities, the general answer is: yes, you can swim in the Oregon coast’s Pacific Ocean. The ocean on this coast is always freezing cold: always about 55 degrees or so. Sometimes much colder in winter.

How cold does Portland get in December?

In most years, Portland averages a daily maximum temperature for December that’s between 42 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit (6 to 9 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 32 and 38 °F (0 to 4 °C). December is the coldest month overall for Portland and the 22nd to 23rd are its chilliest days.

Do you need a car in Portland?

You don’t need a car while in Portland because the city is well served by public transportation (light-rail, streetcar, buses). However, if you want to take day trips to the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area, the wine country, or Mount Hood, or explore the Oregon coast, a car is necessary.

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What is the best time of year to visit Portland Oregon?

The best time to visit Portland is from June to August, when consistently warm weather allows the city’s outdoorsy culture to thrive. Plus, summer is when the city’s roses (especially at the International Rose Test Garden) are in full bloom.

How bad is winter in Portland Oregon?

Portland’s winter weather typically makes a grand entrance around mid-November and lingers until mid-March (sometimes early April). The temperatures tend to range between 40 – 60 degrees, chilly enough for a cozy fall sweater and good insulated jacket.

Does it snow in downtown Portland?

It doesn’t snow in Portland often so when it does, this local gets ecstatic! The last time we had a big snow day in Portland was back in 2017, so this year’s winter wonderland was very welcome in my book.

Does it rain hard in Portland?

Portland Rain. Despite its reputation for rain, Portland doesn’t even make the top ten U.S. cities with the highest annual rainfall. However, Portland ranks third on the list of cities with the rainiest days in the country with 164 rainy days a year. So it’s not that Portland gets a lot of rain, it just rains often.

Where is Christmas town in Oregon?

Each year, the gorgeous town of McMinnville is transformed with glittering holiday lights throughout downtown, a beautiful Christmas tree in the park, and all kinds of holiday cheer. Oregon’s largest city has it’s own unique holiday traditions.

Where is the Christmas tree in Portland?

The annual Holiday Tree at Pioneer Courthouse Square is a festive annual Portland tradition.

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What is open on Christmas in Portland?

2020 Portland Restaurants Open on Christmas Eve and Day

  • Elephants Delicatessen. Choose between a smoked ham or turkey dinner package for 6 people starting at $140.
  • Cascade Grill.
  • Dutch Bros.
  • Grand Central Bakery.
  • Jake’s Grill.
  • Kennedy School.
  • Radio Room.
  • Shari’s.

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