What County Is Lebanon Oregon In?

Is Lebanon Oregon a good place to live?

Lebanon is a good town, where I live we have good neighbors. In our area the crime rate seems to be pretty low. Oregon is filled with some of the most beautiful scenic lush landscapes I have ever seen! Fresh air,clean rivers and majestic mountains!

Is Lebanon Oregon Rural?

Population in 2019: 17,417 (97% urban, 3% rural ). Zip codes: 97355.

How large is Lebanon Oregon?

Lebanon is perhaps best known for its 100-year-old annual Strawberry Festival, home to the world’s largest strawberry shortcake.

What is the crime rate in Lebanon Oregon?

At 168 incidents for every 100,000 people, the violent crime rate in Lebanon is well below the national violent crime rate of 379 offenses per 100,000 people. Law enforcement in Lebanon reported a total of 29 violent crimes in 2019.

How did Lebanon Oregon get its name?

He chose the name because the many cedar trees by the river made him think of the Biblical references to the cedars of Lebanon and partly because of sentiment for his birth place – Lebanon, Tennessee.

How do you pronounce Lebanon Oregon?

Lebanon may be a country in the Middle East, but it is also the name of an Oregon city. We pronounce our version “leba-NIN”, not “leba-NON”.

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What counties in Oregon are considered rural?

Most rural counties in Oregon

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Is Bend Oregon rural or urban?

There are six urban areas in Oregon: Portland and vicinity, Eugene, Salem, Medford, Bend and Corvallis.

Where is Lebanon Washington?

Lebanon is located in northwest Oregon, southeast of Salem. The population was 12,950 at the 2000 census and the 2008 census data shows the population at 15,397.

What is Lebanon Oregon ZIP code?


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