Readers ask: How To Win Oregon Trail?

What is the best job in Oregon Trail?

There are no differences other than the starting money and the points bonus at the end of the game. The farmer is by far the best choice for a high score. Try a run through the game with banker, first, to get the hang of it. It may seem tough, and doing well as a farmer might seem impossible.

What kills you Oregon Trail?

Three deadly diseases featured in The Oregon Trail – typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery – were caused by poor sanitation.

How do you get more money in Oregon Trail?

To make money start by pressing trade and try to get 5 oxen. Only accept offers under 100 dollars. Once you do that trade to get 100 dollars, and only accept offers of four oxen only. After this you will have an extra oxen and some additional profit.

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What was the best month to start the Oregon Trail?

The Applegate train began to assemble in late April, the best time to get rolling. The date of departure had to be selected with care. If they began the more than 2,000-mile journey too early in the spring, there would not be enough grass on the prairie to keep the livestock strong enough to travel.

What is the highest score in Oregon Trail?

Oregon Trail Deluxe all time high score: dosgaming.

How many miles a day is the Oregon Trail?

These vehicles typically included a wooden bed about four feet wide and ten feet long. When pulled by teams of oxen or mules, they could creak their way toward Oregon Country at a pace of around 15 to 20 miles a day.

How many months did the Oregon Trail take?

Perhaps some 300,000 to 400,000 people used it during its heyday from the mid-1840s to the late 1860s, and possibly a half million traversed it overall, covering an average of 15 to 20 miles (24 to 32 km) per day; most completed their journeys in four to five months.

What was the most feared disease on the Oregon Trail?

While cholera was the most widely feared disease among the overlanders, tens of thousands of people emigrated to Oregon and California over the course of a generation, and they brought along virtually every disease and chronic medical condition known to science short of leprosy and the Black Death.

How many died on the Oregon Trail?

Combined with accidents, drowning at dangerous river crossings, and other illnesses, at least 20,000 people died along the Oregon Trail. Most trailside graves are unknown, as burials were quick and the wagon trains moved on.

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What was the most common problem on the Oregon Trail?

Throughout the trail’s existence, numerous accidents were caused by negligence, exhaustion, guns, and animals. Wagon accidents were the most common, with both children and adults sometimes falling off or under wagons and being crushed under the wheels.

What was the hardest part of the Oregon Trail?

Major threats to pioneer life and limb came from accidents, exhaustion, and disease. Crossing rivers were probably the most dangerous thing pioneers did. Swollen rivers could tip over and drown both people and oxen. Such accidents could cause the loss of life and most or all of valuable supplies.

Is the Oregon Trail game hard?

But this simple game, first published in 1971 and now living on in internet archives, is easily the most realistic take on what Westward expansion actually looked like. Much like The Oregon Trail, it was brutal, difficult, and often deadly.

Do you head for Green River Crossing or Fort Bridger?

We now find ourselves at a crossroads: We can either head to Fort Bridger, or take the shortcut to the Green River Crossing. Given that we have no need to replenish our supplies, we have unanimously voted to head to the Green River Crossing.

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