Readers ask: How To Beat The Oregon Trail?

Has anyone beat Oregon Trail?

The premise of the game is simple: your family of five travels across America in a covered wagon. Along the way you encounter bad weather, floods, broken wagon wheels, dead oxen, etc. You can hunt for food to improve your odds of survival, but nobody survives Oregon Trail. It’s the Kobayashi Maru of video games.

How do you beat the banker on the Oregon Trail?

If you just want to complete it:

  1. Pick the banker.
  2. Buy as many oxen as the game allows and as much food as you can carry.
  3. Get 10 boxes of bullets.
  4. Get at least 2 of every spare part.
  5. Always pay for the ferry or the guide if it’s an option.
  6. If you can make it to the Dalles by early November, take the toll road.
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What is the highest score ever on Oregon Trail?

Oregon Trail Deluxe all time high score: dosgaming.

What killed everyone on Oregon Trail?

Diseases and serious illnesses caused the deaths of nine out of ten pioneers. Such diseases as cholera, small pox, flu, measles, mumps, tuberculosis could spread quickly through an entire wagon camp. Cholera was the main scourge of the trail.

Can you still walk the Oregon Trail?

That’s right, you too can walk the Oregon Trail. Several long segments of trail exist that can be backpacked or day-hiked, and there are dozens of short hikes around historic attractions and interpretive centers.

Is the Oregon Trail game historically accurate?

In a lot of ways, the way you played the game was surprisingly accurate. Some of the more popular Oregon Trail strategies we all loved as kids — like starting out as a banker or stocking up on oxen — would have worked out well on the real Oregon Trail.

What is the best month to leave for the Oregon Trail?

Ideally, players want to start in spring, the earlier the better. The best month for starting is usually April and between 1843 and 1848. This way, because of the spring start, players won’t get cold, and because of the year, they can miss a disease that will most likely wipe out everyone after 1848.

What is the best job in Oregon Trail?

There are no differences other than the starting money and the points bonus at the end of the game. The farmer is by far the best choice for a high score. Try a run through the game with banker, first, to get the hang of it. It may seem tough, and doing well as a farmer might seem impossible.

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How long did it take to cross the Oregon Trail?

Perhaps some 300,000 to 400,000 people used it during its heyday from the mid-1840s to the late 1860s, and possibly a half million traversed it overall, covering an average of 15 to 20 miles (24 to 32 km) per day; most completed their journeys in four to five months.

Is the Oregon Trail game hard?

But this simple game, first published in 1971 and now living on in internet archives, is easily the most realistic take on what Westward expansion actually looked like. Much like The Oregon Trail, it was brutal, difficult, and often deadly.

Do you head for Green River Crossing or Fort Bridger?

We now find ourselves at a crossroads: We can either head to Fort Bridger, or take the shortcut to the Green River Crossing. Given that we have no need to replenish our supplies, we have unanimously voted to head to the Green River Crossing.

What was the most feared disease on the Oregon Trail?

While cholera was the most widely feared disease among the overlanders, tens of thousands of people emigrated to Oregon and California over the course of a generation, and they brought along virtually every disease and chronic medical condition known to science short of leprosy and the Black Death.

How did they treat cholera on the Oregon Trail?

Emigrants treated the sick with pain medications such as camphor, the oil of the Asian camphor tree, and laudanum, a bitter-tasting, addictive tincture made from opium, but victims often died within a matter of hours— healthy in the morning and dead by noon.

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What was the most common problem on the Oregon Trail?

Throughout the trail’s existence, numerous accidents were caused by negligence, exhaustion, guns, and animals. Wagon accidents were the most common, with both children and adults sometimes falling off or under wagons and being crushed under the wheels.

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