Question: Where Is Oregon House California?

Where is Oregon House ca?

Oregon House is an unincorporated community in Yuba County, California. It is located 22 miles (35 km) northeast of Marysville, at an elevation of 1526 feet (465 m). The settlement grew up around a travelers’ rest stop built in 1852.

How did Oregon House California get its name?

History. Oregon House is named after a house that was built there in 1852 and became a popular stop for travelers. The History of Yuba County, California (Chapter XXIX: Parks Bar Township) by Thompson & West, 1879, described the house this way: They were called the Yuba Mountaineers.

What county is Oregon House in?

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Is Oregon House California evacuated?

All evacuations remain in effect.

What is the elevation of Oregon House CA?


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