Often asked: Where Is Vernonia Oregon?

Is Vernonia a good place to live?

Then Vernonia is the place to live. There is one small market in town. It definitely has the small town feel to it. Although Vernonia has flooded several times in the past 20 years, there are a great many vistas above the floodplain that make living in this small city worth it.

What’s the elevation of Vernonia Oregon?

During the summer months, the City of Vernonia dams Rock Creek in Hawkins Park to create our public swimming hole, as well filling up a permenant kiddie pool. Plenty of grass and bench seating for families looking to cool down.

Is Vernonia Oregon Safe?

Extremely safe. Night or day, it’s a very safe place.

Can you kayak in Vernonia Lake?

It’s set up well for kids and people with disabilities. You also can launch a small boat here from a gravel ramp near the parking lot, but no gas motors are allowed. It’s a great spot for a float tube, kayak or other small craft.

How did Vernonia Oregon get its name?

Vernonia Oregon was ultimately named for the daughter of one of the original settlers, Ozias Cherrington who moved there in 1876. Her name was Vernonia. She was born March 30, 1868 in Ohio and later moved to Virginia. She never came to Oregon.

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When did Vernonia Oregon flood?

Vernonia last saw serious flooding in 1996, which was billed as a once-in-a-hundred-years event, and many residents were shocked to see the waters return barely a decade later.

What is the elevation of banks Oregon?

In 1.7 miles, look for the lot at the bottom of a steep hill near NW Sellers Road. To reach the Vernonia trailhead, from Portland, drive west on US 26 about 28 miles. Make a slight right onto SR 47 N (Nehalem Highway), and go 14.4 miles, looking for signs for Vernonia/Clatskanie.

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