FAQ: Where To Find Oregon Sunstone?

Where are Sunstones found in Oregon?

South-central and southeastern Oregon is the only area in the world where the gem graded sunstones with copper inclusions are found. There are three sunstone productive deposits in Oregon: one in the Lake County and two in the Harney County. Most locations are within the private mining claims.

Where can sunstone be found?

Sunstone is a plagioclase feldspar, which when viewed from certain directions exhibits a spangled appearance. It has been found in Southern Norway, Sweden, various United States localities and on some beaches along the midcoast of South Australia.

Where is the best sunstone found?

The most famous sunstone deposits in the United States are located in Oregon. A few of the sunstone deposits in Oregon are large enough to sustain mining operations. They are found in certain basalt flows in Lake County and Harney County.

Are Oregon Sunstones rare?

Sunstone gems from Oregon in the US are very rare and unique in that they offer the shiller effect due to inclusions of copper, while the sunstone from India and other locations is due to inclusions of hematite.

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Are Oregon Sunstones valuable?

Oregon Sunstone is extremely rare. Fully transparent, top gemmy quality of colored and/or copper schiller Sunstone is not found anywhere else in the world. Value of this amazing gem ranges from 8 US dollars per carat all the way through 4,500 US dollars per carat.

Can you find diamonds in Oregon?

Looking for “Plush diamonds,” or Oregon sunstones, isn’t done easily. Because of their rarity and uniqueness to Oregon, sunstones were named the state’s gemstone in 1987. They’re literally diamonds in the rough because they’re found in a region about 25 miles north of Plush, a Lake County ranching community.

Can sunstone be in the sun?

Sunstone’s warm shades of gold and red, sometimes orange or brown, will make you think you’re looking at the sun. But there are also opaque sunstones available in the market. Sunstone is also called Aventurine Feldspar and Goldstone, and it’s known to attract the powers of the sun.

Can you tumble sunstones?

A few feldspars are popular as tumbled stones. These include amazonite, moonstone, labradorite and sunstone. They can be challenging to tumble because they have planes of cleavage which will cause the stone to break if it gets roughly tossed about in the tumbler barrel.

How do you get a sunstone?

How to get the Sun Stone. The Sun Stone is obtained from spinning Pokestops and Gyms. There is a very low drop chance of around 1% per spin to receive a Sun Stone or any of the other evolution item, and there is an equal chance of obtaining each of the 5 currently available items.

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Are sunstone and Goldstone the same?

However, they are vastly different. The most prominent distinction between goldstone and sunstone is that sunstone is a natural mineral. Unlike goldstone, sunstone is mined in Canada, India, Madagascar and the United States.

How does sunstone look like?

Most sunstones have yellow, orange, or brown bodycolor. Green is extremely rare. Small inclusions create a reddish or golden sheen on top of any bodycolor, while larger inclusions create attractive, glittery reflections. Sunstone inclusions can be hematite, copper, or some other mineral.

Is sunstone a natural stone?

Is Sunstone a natural stone? Yes, these inclusions give the stone an aventurine-like appearance, so sunstone is also known as “aventurine-feldspar.” Copper is responsible for the optical effect called shiller and color in Oregon Sunstone.

Why is sunstone so expensive?

Oregon sunstone can sell for much higher prices because it’s available in transparent qualities. A transparent orange sunstone sells for a lot more than one that is translucent. Stones that weigh one carat or more cost considerably more than small melee.

Can you wear sunstone and moonstone together?

Moonstone together with sunstone is a very powerful combination, because moonstone activates and enhances female energy, and sunstone awakens strength, passion and purposefulness. These stones will help you find the best combination to achieve balance.

Are there different types of sunstone?

There are actually a few different varieties of sunstone available today. Sunstone can be varieties of plagioclase (oligoclase sunstone) feldspar, or potassium feldspar (orthoclase sunstone). Oligoclase sunstone is more common than orthoclase sunstone.

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