Urban Renewal Best Practices

The Association of Oregon Redevelopment Agencies promotes urban renewal “best practices” among the state’s urban renewal agencies. Membership provides access to a full cadres of Best Practice documents for Urban Renewal professionals.


  • Best Practices for Urban Renewal in Oregon (2014)
  • Tax Computation Manual – Prepared by the Department of Revenue (2007)


  • Urban Renewal Property Tax Statistics
  • Oregon Property Tax Statistics

Urban Renewal Plans, Reports and Marketing

  • Clackamas County Industrial Area
    • Plan and Report
  • Clackamas County Government Camp
  • North Clackamas Revitalization Area
  • Clackamas Town Center
  • City of Salem – Pringle Creek

Loan/Grant Programs

  • City of Salem Downtown Toolbox
    • Grant program
  • Talent URA: Rehab-Facade Grant Program

Project Sheets

Additional Resources

  • History of Urban Renewal in Oregon
  • Urban Renewal Districts (2006)
  • Tax Statement Inserts
  • Talent URA: IGA between URA and City
  • Talent URA: Internal Financial Controls and Procedures


  • Evaluation of Seven Urban Renewal Plans (2007)
  • Urban Renewal Programs in Oregon (2003)
  • Urban Renewal in Oregon (2002)
  • Administrative Guidelines and Procedures Manual for Urban Renewal Agencies in Oregon (2001)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Urban Renewal?
The purpose of urban renewal is to improve specific areas of a city that are poorly developed or underdeveloped. These areas can have old deteriorated buildings and bad streets and utilities or the areas can lack streets and utilities altogether… Read more

What are the Urban Renewal districts?
A map of urban renewal Districts in Oregon… View map

How do county assessors tax Urban Renewal?
Urban Renewal allows taxing districts to establish areas within their boundaries that they consider to be… Read more

Urban Renewal Authority

Administrative Rules (2011)
Oregon Administrative Rules contain OAR’s filed through January 14, 2011. Division 457 relates to Urban Renewal… Read more

Oregon Revised Statutes – Chapter 457 (2009)
ORS Chapter 457 – Urban Renewal, 2009 Edition… Read more

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