Springfield: Development Program

Springfield - Development Program

Development within the City of Springfield is
required to pay a one-time systems development
charge (commonly referred to SDCs) for impacts of
the development on local and regional systems.
These fees are both necessary and costly.

An ongoing program established in 2010, the
Springfield Urban Renewal System Development
program pays the full cost of all local SDCs charged
to a development within a Springfield urban renewal


  • Typical costs associated with these SDC
    charges can range from 2-15% of the
    construction costs. This can result in a range
    of $50,000 to $500,000 and sometimes
    higher depending on the use and investment.
  • To date, the program has paid over
    $400,000 in private development SDCs
  • Private development remains responsible for
    paying any regional SDCs imposed
    (wastewater and/or parks district)

Community Benefits

  • SDCs are associated with the addition of
    new and valuable improvements within the
    increment districts
  • Six new businesses have located and
    invested capital in improving taxable value
    in Springfield urban renewal districts
  • This incentive program has assisted in the
    generation of over $10M in private
    development investment

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