Salem: Mill Creek Industrial Park


The Mill Creek Industrial Park URA in Salem, Oregon is a collaborative effort between the City of Salem and the State of Oregon to provide the necessary transportation, water, and waste water infrastructure to accommodate a broad range of development ready sites for traded sector uses within a total area of 828 acres. The effort also includes the mitigation of several wetlands into a newly constructed central wetland open space area over 70 acres in size; totaling nearly 100 acres when it is completed.


  • Urban renewal participation: Tax Increment collections from the Home Depot Rapid Deployment Center and FedEX developments are applied to low interest loans that have been provided by Business Oregon to fund the infrastructure and wetland construction projects.
  • Private participation: Land acquisition, new building construction, and a Development District Fee, at a similar rate to City of Salem System Development Charges.
  • Other public participation: A grant from Oregon Department of Transportation helped fund the road widening, traffic signal, and other transportation improvements to 3,750 feet of Aumsville Highway. The U.S. Economic Development Administration also provided a grant to help fund the construction of the 70 acre wetland site. A grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant helped finance the installation of an 18 inch water main line in preparation for future water demands in the area. All of the projects were completed in 2013.

Community Benefits

  • New Jobs: 318 to date.
  • Support for local vendors: Traded sector products and services have a multiplying effect throughout the area; where suppliers grow as a result of new businesses and employment in the area.
  • Impact on the urban renewal area: Improvements to private and public infrastructure throughout the area make it easier, safer, and more reliable work and travel through the area.

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