Salem: Edgewater & 2nd Street


In December 2013, Salem’s Urban Renewal Agency completed major projects identified in the 2010 Edgewater-Second Street Action Plan (Action Plan). The Action Plan focused Urban Renewal resources on near-term projects to enhance the “main street” function and feel of Edgewater Street, and improve access to encourage redevelopment on 2nd Street. As a result, two blocks of 2nd Street were completely reconstructed, and Edgewater Street was enhanced to better serve pedestrians. These West Salem Urban Renewal Area funded projects were further enhanced by coordinating schedules with City infrastructure investments in adjacent areas.

2nd Street Reconstruction: Enhanced Vehicle and Pedestrian Circulation
For many years after the railroad stopped operating in West Salem, an unpaved gravel median separated City-maintained travel lanes along two blocks of 2nd Street NW. Now, 2nd Street is a pedestrian friendly environment with new sidewalks, pedestrian medians and curb extensions, street trees, customer parking, improved lighting, underground utilities, and stormwater upgrades. These investments also encourage the area’s future mixed use development with the aim of achieving the long-term vision for 2nd Street of more housing and commercial uses to support the mix of commercial uses on Edgewater. The project was completed in December 2013.

Edgewater Pedestrian Safety and Access Improvements
In 2012, to encourage more pedestrian activity and enhance pedestrian safety in the Edgewater District, pedestrian lighting and curb extensions were installed on Edgewater Street at Kingwood, Gerth, McNary and Patterson.
By including curb extensions to the multi-use pathway and sidewalks on the south side of Edgewater, ADA access to area green space is improved.

Funding and Leverage

Investments in the Edgewater-Second Street improvements total nearly $5,000,000 including:

  • West Salem Urban Renewal Area funding: $3,500,000 in Second Street reconstruction and Edgewater improvements
  • System Development Charges: $1,300,000 in for intersection improvements at Edgewater/Rosemont
  • Businesses in the area have added new seating for outdoor dining; historic features and a bench are planned to enhance a transit stop
  • The design of Action Plan projects involved significant input from and partnership with area stakeholders, including business owners and residents, Salem Electric, the West Salem Business Association, and the West Salem Redevelopment Advisory Board.

Community Benefits

  • Action Plan projects are consistent with objectives in the West Salem URA Plan and West Salem Neighborhood Plan, including providing transportation choices, improving connections, and supporting redevelopment of the Edgewater-Wallace Road area
  • By meeting new stormwater detention and treatment standards, the 2nd Street project contributes to environmental quality Additional customer parking accommodates current and future redevelopment in the area
  • Way-finding signage, lighting, and utility undergrounding enhance the visual appeal of the area
  • Sidewalks and bulb-outs improve comfort, safety, and access for walking and biking in the district

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