Hood River: Waterfront


In 2008, the city of Hood River and the Port of Hood River collaborated on the Hood River Waterfront Urban Renewal Area. The area contains the Waterfront Park on the riverside of Portway, Avenue and an industrial area to the south of Portway, Avenue. The industrial area was underdeveloped and lacked adequate infrastructure for significant development to occur. The urban renewal agency entered into an agreement with the Port of Hood River for the port to finance improvements to Portway, Avenue to be repaid in the future with tax increment proceeds. These improvements widened Portway Avenue, installed sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and street trees. The resulting growth in the Area has been dramatic.


  • Two loans between the Agency and the Port of Hood River: $257,949 and $236,592. Loans to be repaid out of tax increment proceeds
  • The addition of 317,000 sf of industrial uses in completed projects for a total investment of $40,371,245
  • $1.2 million investment in Anchor Way and Portway Avenue by the Port of Hood River
  • 380 direct jobs in completed projects
  • an additional 185,000 sf of industrial uses under development for a total investment of $31,300,000
  • 225 jobs projected in projects under development

Community Benefits

  • 380 jobs in completed projects, 225 jobs under development, and another 250 jobs in potential development beginning in 2017
  • new restaurants have been developed at the waterfront servicing the entire community
  • development of a waterfront bike and pedestrian trail and open space along the west edge of Nichols Basin
  • construction of the pedestrian bridge trail and kiosks
  • development of a passive park

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