Government Camp: Waterline


Prior to the establishment an Urban Renewal District in Government Camp, the community was serviced by a private water company with lines too small to provide the supply necessary for most development. Fire protection was also substandard with very few hydrants.

The Development Agency initiated several projects thatresulted in installation of approximately 13,000 feet of water mains and 26 hydrants throughout the community.


The total cost for installation of all lines and hydrants was approximately $1,400,000. Urban renewal funds were the sole source for the projects.

Community Benefits

With the project now complete, the entire community has access to water that will supply the necessary flow for development and fire suppression. Development projects that were able to be realized because of the waterline projects include:

  • Collins Lake Condominiums – 128 units
  • Westlake Lodge – 48 units
  • The Lodge at Government Camp – 8 condos and 8,000sf of retail space
  • Tyrolean Meadows Subdivision – 32 lots

In addition, there are approximately 180 acres of land available for development that now have water mains nearby, eliminating what was a significant obstacle to redevelopment.

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