Clackamas: Multorpor Overpass


Government Camp is bisected by Highway 26. The only access to all property south of the highway, which includes Skibowl east ski area, was a narrow overpass at Multorpor Drive. There is approximately 80 acres of developable land on the south side that likely will not occur without improved access. In order to maximize development potential and improve multi-modal circulation for the community, the Development Agency replaced the existing overpass with a new structure that includes a three-lane road section, sidewalks and lighting. Multorpor Drive was also improved with similar features from the commercial core area to the Skibowl parking lot, a distance of approximately 2,000 feet. Design elements are consistent with the Cascadian architecture theme adopted by the community. Utilities were also extended through the project area in order to have service readily available for future development.


Urban Renewal funds provided the match needed in order to receive a significant FHWA grant. County System Development Charge funds were also used on the project.

  • Agency contribution: $2.26 million
  • FHWA contribution: $2.14 million
  • SDC’s: $1.6 million

Community Benefits

  • Provides the infrastructure necessary for development to occur south of the highway, as planned.
  • Greatly improved access to a major tourist destination.
  • Improved emergency vehicle access.
  • Improved clearance for freight movement on Highway 26.
  • Provides the only grade-separated pedestrian crossing over Highway 26.

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