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AORA is a statewide association for urban renewal professionals. Benefits of membership provide current urban renewal resource materials, urban renewal legislation and AORA testimonies, and connection to other urban renewal professionals throughout the state. Members also gain access to the AORA email group which connects industry colleagues enabling people to share news, training opportunities and other valuable information.
AORA serves as the convener and resource provider for urban renewal agencies as well as public and private redevelopment professionals that:

  • Promotes best practices among state urban renewal agencies – setting the standard statewide
  • Educates the Legislature and state agencies on issues related to tax increment funding and redevelopment
  • Evaluates and coordinates urban renewal agency responses to litigation
  • A forum for discussion with professional colleagues throughout the state – providing peer-to-peer expertise
  • Showcases the good and important work of local urban renewal areas
  • Demonstrates the benefits and value of urban renewal and TIF
  • Educates the public on the benefits of urban renewal and TIF

Regular membership is available to agencies, not individuals. Private sector interests may participate through associate memberships.

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For questions regarding membership contact:
Alison HartAORA Manager, 503-363-7084

JL Wilson, AORA Manager, 503-363-7084

Making Oregon better through urban renewal by fostering communication, guiding best practices, providing information, educating, and more.

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