Beaverton: Storefront Program

Beaverton - Storefront Program

Storefront appearance is a critical aspect of the overall aesthetic appeal and unique character of a commercial district. The Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Agency (BURA) is committed to helping Beaverton small businesses thrive. A key part to business success is that first impression: what a customer sees from the outside of the building. The purpose of the Storefront Improvement Pilot Program is to encourage businesses and property owners within eligible program areas to improve their storefronts, making these areas more attractive to shoppers and increasing the economic vitality and attractiveness to new investment. This program offers architectural design services and construction matching grants to help boost curb appeal and draw in more customers.

Types of Grants

There are two types of grants that are offered:

  • Design Services Grant
    A contracted architect is available to help with concept development or full scope creation, resulting in documents needed to obtain bids.
  • Implementation Grant
    The Implementation Grant covers a portion of the actual improvements to the exterior of a building.


  • Design Services Grants are 100% funded.
  • Implementation Grants have a maximum grant amount of $35,000. A level 1 grant contains a 50% city match for minor projects such as paint and new signage only. A level 2 grant contains a 70% city match for major projects such as new windows, awnings and lighting.

Community Benefits

  • Storefront restoration has a significant impact in the character and vitality of an area and it begins the transformation in that area.

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